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September 24, 2017
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Introducing Vision Church!

If you haven't seen the news on social media or noticed on this website (lol!) we changed the name of our church from 'New Horizons Church' to ‘Vision Church’ last Sunday 4 September. We had such an incredible launch evening with a great response of faith and excitement from our church.

So why a name change?

Around 18 months ago we felt that God wanted us to prepare and get ready for a whole new level and season that is dawning upon us. And so we began a process of reviewing our history and journey in order to firstly define our values, and then improve our strategy and operations to fulfil the dream God has placed in our heart. As we clarified our values and DNA we felt compelled to rename ourself in line with our unique identity as a church. And hence ‘Vision Church’ was born. 

Along with our new name we also have a new website and social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check out some of the pics from our big reveal night.

We are super excited at this new season the Holy Spirit has birthed us into and are highly expectant for all the things He is going to do in and through us in the coming months.

We believe this is our time for the church in the UK and Europe! 

Ian & Julie Nundy
Lead Pastors,
Vision Church
Leeds and Dewsbury, UK

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