2020 Vision


On the 28th January 2020, over 14,000 delegates from 29 nations gathered in the Moviestar Arena, Bogota, Colombia, for the 2020 Vision, International G12 conference.


2020, marks not only the beginning of a new year but also a new decade. In Colombia, we began this new era united around one purpose, one heart, and one vision. To lift high the name of Jesus, and see His glory cover the earth, through the raising up of devoted disciples of every tribe, nation, and tongue.


The nations gathered together to worship Jesus.

Imagine if you can, the atmosphere in the auditorium…


Thousands gathered in unison;  hungry, thirsty and desperate for God. Lifting voices together, interceding and crying out for their families, governments, and nations.


The teaching was powerful, the worship electric with the presence of God, and certainly, for the 25 of us that went from Vision Church, it was an experience that has significantly marked our lives and hearts forever.


Only Jesus has perfect, 2020 vision!


Primarily, the theme of the conference was, as the name states, 2020 Vision. It became clear throughout the 5 days we were there, that vision is very different from sight. Sight is dependant on your circumstances and what you can see naturally, but vision is birthed in the heart of God and must be received from him.


Only Jesus has perfect 2020 vision, therefore, we must be a people who cry out to God for HIS vision. Not following our own dreams, plans, and what we think is possible or achievable, but that which God has revealed through his word. 


Alongside this theme, ran that of living a disciplined and crucified life. It’s not enough merely knowing, or even understanding the word and will of God. It’s meaningless unless we surrender to and obey it. We know Jesus defeated every enemy on the cross, the greatest limit in our lives is now our own fleshly and earthly desires.


Everyday, we must lay our lives and wills down again at the foot of the cross, in doing this we find our true life and victory. Living as a disciple of Christ, raising up a God-loving family, making disciples of Christ, won’t just happen… we must be intentional!


Delegates from Vision Church at the G12 International conference, 2020 Vision


The apostle Paul said, “I discipline my body like an athlete. Training it to do what it should.”1 Corinthians 9v27, and, ‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.’2 Timothy 4v7-8


When we see the end goal, we can run towards it, not aimlessly, but with purpose and direction. 




Powerful times of repentance, as the church returns to the Father’s heart.

Finally, and most significantly, woven throughout every message was the call for the church to return to the heart of the Father.


Often we want the ‘blessings’ of the fathers house, without pursuing the heart of the father (see Luke 15).


Whatever we do, however big the size of the dream, no matter the vision we have, it must flow out of our love relationship with our heavenly Father. God is infinitely more interested in the position of our hearts towards him, than anything we can do or achieve for him.


You can watch the full 2020 vision conference online in English by subscribing at www.g12.tv

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