I See a Victory – The Blood From Jesus’ Hands

In our series ‘I see a victory’ we are learning about the 7 times Jesus shed his blood for us, and the significance and application this has for our lives today.

The fifth shedding of the blood of Jesus took place when the Roman soldiers nailed His hands to the cross.

“They pierced my hands and feet” Psalm 22:16

Jesus shed blood from His hands, so that we could move in heavenly power, authority, and productivity.

Everyday we use our hands for just about everything we do. With our hands we express love, work, play instruments, feed ourselves, to do tasks and chores, and so much more.

“All those who were sick in bed with various diseases brought them to Him, and laying His hands on each one of them, He was healing them” Luke 4:40

We see in the Gospels, that Jesus used His hands to heal the sick, set free the oppressed, and even raise the dead! His hands were the channel of blessing, through which the power of God was being released upon the earth. 

We see throughout the scriptures that hands release:

> Blessing, “And He took them in His arms and begun blessing them, laying His hands on them” Mark 10:16

> Creativity, “Your hands formed me” Psalm 119:73

> Authority, “The Lord has bared His holy arm in the sight of all the nations, that all the ends of the earth may see the salvation of our God” Isaiah 52:10

> Power, “Your right hand, O Lord. Is majestic in power,  Your right hand O Lord, shatters the enemy” Exodus 15:6

When we understand what our hands represent, we can begin to imagine the enemy’s delight, when he saw the hands of Jesus nailed to the cross. He thought he’d successfully neutralised the work of God, and in doing so sabotaged His plan of redemption. 

In the same way, satan seeks to hinder the blessing, power, and creativity of God flowing through your life. His desire is to make you unproductive and to cause harm to others.

We know that on the cross, in what looked like His greatest defeat, was the very place Jesus won His greatest victory!

The enemy could not hold Jesus back from fulfilling the will of His Father; neither can he hold you back from being an instrument of God’s blessing and purpose. As a result of the blood of Jesus shed from His hands, you can fulfil the will and purpose of God for your life.

When we apply the blood from the hands of Jesus, we will experience the power of God moving in our lives through miracles, signs, wonders, healings. We will see victory in spiritual warfare, and be effective through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Declare with me today,

“Through the power of the blood shed from the hands of Jesus, the gifts of God are activated in my life!”

The ‘I See a Victory’ series is based on the teaching from the book, ‘Just One Drop of the Blood of Jesus’, by Pastor Cesar Castellanos, available to buy on iBooks.

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