The heart of a leader

My dad recently turned 83 years old and on the day of his birthday I had to take him to the hospital. Whilst there he had a full heart scan. For 30 minutes I sat fascinated as I watched different views of his heart project onto a screen.

As I pondered what I saw, I realised afresh just how vital our heart is to our life and health as human beings. Sadly many are suffering from heart conditions that severely cripple their life and in some cases lead to death.

Thousands of years ago, the wisest man on earth at the time, Solomon, penned the following words:

‘Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it’

(Proverbs 4:23)

In writing these words of wisdom Solomon was talking about our spiritual heart – the inner core and centre of our life. Taking care of our heart, he noted, would determine the course of our life.

It’s vital as disciples and leaders therefore that we learn to guard and steward our hearts well.

The springs that flow from this inner core of our being will always manifest themselves in our words, actions, relationships, family and every aspect of our life.

As leaders we are called by Jesus to represent his nature and kingdom through our life – his nature of love, joy, peace, freedom, hope and purpose to those around us.

What’s taking place inside of and overflowing from our heart, will determine how well we are able to lead and reproduce his character to our family, our disciples, our workplace and community.

Just like my dad experienced in the hospital, it’s important as leaders that we carry out regular and continual check ups on our spiritual heart.

Doing so could spare our life from the contamination of negativity, bitterness, offence, anger and even physical sickness.

At the same time, we can position our heart for continual cleansing, renewal and empowerment by the Holy Spirit in order that pure springs of life can flow to the people around us.

As Solomon exhorted us, may we take care of our hearts that we might lead with life, faith, purity and power.

– Ps Ian Nundy

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