Core Values: We Are Light

Vision Church is built upon 12 core values, which are central to who we are, all we do, and how we want to reflect Christ to others. In this series, we will be exploring and unpacking each core value together.

Core Value: We Are Light

When Jesus spoke to His disciples in Matthew 5, He told them, “You are the salt of the earth… you are the light of the world…”

We know that as Christians this is who we are. We are light.

Isaiah 60:1 gives us this command:

‘Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.’

  • Arise

The first command we hear is to ‘Arise.’ Now, we know that only one who has fallen or is down is told to arise. To be low or down can represent sadness, frustration, shame, laziness, or defeat. Perhaps you too have experienced being down?

Proverbs 24:16 says this, 

“For though a righteous man falls seven times, he will rise again…”

Why does scripture say this? Because no matter what you’ve faced, God will help you to rise again.

Firstly, we must identify where or how we have fallen. Secondly, we must ask that the blood of Jesus cleanses us from every sin, and every mark. We become transformed at the cross, so that we can arise again, ready to fulfil our purpose!

  • Shine

The second command given is this, ‘Shine.’ To tell someone to shine, suggests that they have the potential to radiate a light that they have been hiding.

When we experience disappointment, frustration, or become hurt and damaged in our emotions, we can feel unable to shine. However, we must remember what Jesus said to his disciples in Matthew 5, we are the light!

You CAN shine because that is what God designed you for and what He said you would do.

We must determine to be a light for Jesus in every area of our lives!

We can be a light in our families by treating them well with love and generosity, in our work through diligence, efforts, and with integrity, to our friends; by sharing with them the good news of Jesus and the cross.

Wherever we go, let us be known for our love and devotion to Jesus! Let us arise and shine in a world of darkness.

We are LIGHT!

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